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Your Next Mission® Podcast

Your Next Mission is a podcast hosted by the 12th sergeant major of the Air Force, Jack L. Tilley. The episode airing March 5 features Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, Civil Air Patrol national commander/CEO, and Chief Master Sgt. Todd Parsons, national command chief, talking about some of their favorite subjects  CAP and our work serving communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.


Government Relations Resources

MAC recently updated the Brand Portal with the suite of products to support your government relations efforts. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Wing Report, one for each state, is a single sheet that features a compelling story on the front and wing-specific 2023 statistics on the back about missions, fleet, finances, and contacts.
  • Fact Sheet is a single sheet with key facts about the organization on the front with a blurb about each program (Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs) on the back.
  • Backgrounder is a single sheet describing the historic background of the organization leading into what we do and who we serve today.
  • Report to Congress is a 36-page publication featuring much of CAP members' service in fiscal 2023.

Limited numbers of printed Reports to Congress, Fact Sheets, and Backgrounders are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Send your requests to this email. Wings have already ordered the Wing Reports desired, which will be arriving soon.

BRAND MANAGEMENT                                                                                         

Website Unification

Wings continue to work on updates to their websites as part of the Website Unification project, scheduled to be completed this summer. The Oklahoma Wing website has been updated and serves as our model site to guide your work.


When you’re ready to begin work on your wing website, email so MAC can copy your current website and make the new web template available to you. 


Make sure to check out all the project resources available on the CAP Websites page on One of the resources is a project FAQ document we regularly update as questions come to MAC. Here are a couple examples from the project FAQ:


Q. I have several squadron pages to build on my new wing website. Are there any shortcuts?

A. See the updated Oklahoma Wing website; the top section of the squadron page is unique to the squadron. Below that is identical content that can be copied and then pasted into each squadron page via the source code, recreating graphic placements, table setups, video links, etc. This method eliminates the need to build multiple individual pages, saving time. These pages serve as recruitment pages for the squadrons. Each squadron has a short redirect in SiteViz it can use, as in this example: This is the perfect short name for business cards, etc.


Q. What types of member information should I include in the new wing website?

A. The primary target audience for the websites is external. Much, if not all, information for members  including encampment information, wing conferences, unit reports, etc.  is for internal audiences. Since the wing website is for external audiences, extended details beyond dates, locations, and brief descriptions of activities should be placed in a password-protected platform such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc., where the information is saved and accessible by members only.


Q. Can I change the order of the left navigation links on the pages in the template?

A. The order of these links should remain the same as on the template to maintain website unification nationwide. If needed, you can insert additional copy on the page under the base copy in the template or add a child page. But to the extent possible, limit the number of new child pages. Any new content or pages you add will need to be managed and updated by you. Only the content changes (additions, deletions, updates, or edits) MAC makes in the Resource Library template will be pushed to update wing websites automatically. The wing is responsible for the accuracy of content added to the template.


If you have questions, send them to

Brand Compliance

The Brand Management team meets biweekly to assist members and staff with brand compliance. If you have a brand-related question, can’t find what you need on the Brand Portal, have a request for something new, or need a review of an item you created, simply email the brand team.

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