Connecticut Wing - NER-CT-001
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Logistics Officer: 1st Lt John T Riccio


Logistics and Supply
Transportation: Drivers
Logistics Inspection Outline - April 2018 CTWG Form 77-A: Release Form for Driving Record
Sample Memo Format: Reclaiming CAP Property - January 2013 CAP Driver's Information
Donation Receipt - CAPF 164 "F" Endorsement Requirements


Connecticut Wing Logistics Supplements and Outlines
Transportation Presentations
CAPR 77-1: Operation and Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Owned Vehicles Passenger Van Safety Awareness Program Powerpoint
CAPR 174-1: Property Management and Accountability Regulation Tire Familiarization and Safety Powerpoint
CTLG Unit Outline Seatbelt Safety Powerpoint
CTLG Wing Outline  


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