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ES Training

Emergency Services Training (SAREX/TRANEX)

Director of Emergency Services: Lt Col Meghan Brownell


The Connecticut Wing Emergency Services department is committed to providing the members of our wing with the best possible training opportunities in the field of Search and Rescue, emergency services qualifications certification and exercises both within and outside of the wing boundaries.  Any training conducted outside the wing has been approved by the CTWG Commander as per the commanders instruction (Jan 14) - "each wing and each out-of-state activity will vary in quality, out of wing OPS QUAL training needs to be approved by the Wing Commander or Director of Ops before the member participates in the training.".  Questions regarding training opportunities should be brought to the attention of the Wing Emergency Services Director.


CTWG ES Training Schedule
Approved Out of Wing ES Activities
ES Training Resources
4/2/2022: Plainvillle Airport N/A  NHQ Emergency Services
TBD   Hawk Mountain Ranger School
    National Emergency Services Academy


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