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Lt Cols Fred and Jean Goldberg Memorial Scholarship


C/Col Gianna Weidman, CT-004 - $1,000
C/Maj Hannah Wright, CT-011 - $500
C/CMSgt Abagail Weaver, CT-014 - $500



The Lt Cols Fred and Jean Goldberg Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 was established to help support Connecticut Wing Cadets entering college in the Fall Semester who are pursuing a Degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  This scholarship was established by their daughter, former Connecticut Wing Cadet and Senior Member, Marsha Goldberg.
In order to apply the scholarship, cadets must meet the following criteria and complete the steps described below. Applicant must be:

  • A Connect Wing Cadet applying or enrolling in (or accepted with plans to attend) in a college or university in the United States.  Field of study must be related to science, technology, engineering, math (STEM)

  • Deadlines to apply: April 30th; the winner will be announced by May 15th via email and once accepted, their name will appear on the scholarship webpage of the Connecticut Wing Website.


​To Apply:

  1. Completely fill out the scholarship application found on the wing scholarship webpage and write a minimum four page, double spaced, Times-New- Roman 12 pitch font on the following topic – “What has the CAP Cadet Program meant to you and how has it prepared you for an education and career in a STEM related field”. 

  2. When completed, send the completed scholarship application and essay to the following email address: ; include the name of the scholarship in the subject line.

  3. Please include your acceptance to the school you chose indicating the program you have been accepted into.


About the Goldberg's and the Establishment of This Scholarship

Lt Cols Fred and Jean Goldberg Memorial Scholarship was established in 2021 through a generous donation made by their daughter Marsha. 

Lt Col Fred Goldberg was a 50 year member of Civil Air Patrol joining in 1946 after returning from the Pacific theater in WWII. He was the commander of the Hartford Composite Squadron and later the Col CG Litchfield Senior Squadron. Lt Col Jean Goldberg joined CAP in 1958 and worked alongside her husband as Administrative Officer and Public Affairs Officer.

The Goldberg’s participated in numerous search and rescue missions, missing persons searches, as well as always being ready to help someone if they came upon an accident scene, with a fire extinguisher and CAP radio permanently in the car.

The most famous search and rescue mission they worked on was in March 1991 when Richard Korsen crashed in the Barkhamsted area. Lt Col Goldberg helped coordinate the mission and his wife drafted news releases to keep the public informed.

Lt Col Fred Goldberg was a strong influence on young cadets while commander of the Hartford Composite Squadron with many going on to pursue successful military careers. Over the years, a good number kept in touch with the “Colonels,” as they were affectionately known.

In 1992, the late Connecticut Wing Commander Col Howard Palmer, recognized Lt Col Fred Goldberg's contribution by naming him Senior Member of the Year. He was then named Northeast Region Senior Member of the Year and later that year at the National Convention in Salt Lake City, UT received the award for National Senior Member of the Year.

Civil Air Patrol was a family affair with Marsha and her brother both becoming cadets before she transitioned to the senior member program. Marsha was a member for almost 30 years and can directly attribute her success in life to many of the skills she learned as a cadet. For example, she used those skills to become a union steward to assisted co-workers with job issues.

Marsha Goldberg also received a scholarship from Northeast Region that helped her pay for her college. Through this STEM scholarship, she wants to ‘pay forward’ with the same kind of assistance she received while simultaneously honoring her parents' memory and years of selfless dedication to a cause they both held dear.  Service to Country, Community and Family were their guiding principles.



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