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Cadet Advisory Council

Tickets for the 2022 Connecticut Wing Cadet Ball are now on sale! Ask your Squadron Commander or CAC Representatives for the link to purchase tickets!

What is the Cadet Advisory Council?

Cadet Advisory Council representatives develop their leadership skills while advising their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the group, wing, region, or national echelon. “Leadership by committee” is often intended as a derogatory term, but in truth, committees and teams are responsible for running the modern world through project teams, corporate boards of directors, democratic bodies, nonprofit community groups, and more. The CAC is the cadet’s opportunity to influence senior CAP leaders, improve cadet life, and increase their leadership effectiveness.


To keep up to date with the Connecticut Wing Cadet Advisory Council:

Facebook Page

Project Board


Upcoming Activities and Events

Connecticut Wing Conference, October 8, 2022, Oxford Airport
2022 Connecticut Wing Cadet Ball: November 5, 2022, Casa Mia at the Hawthorne, Berlin, CT

Connecticut Wing Cadet Advisory Council Leadership

CAC Advisor: Lt Col Ashley LaPlante
Chairman: C/Capt Pranav Shankar
Vice Chairman: C/Maj Noah Bosse
Recorder: C/CMSgt Mitchell Rivers
NERCAC Primary Representative: C/CMSgt Sofia Kiraly
NERCAC Assistant Representative: C/Capt Pranav Shankar


Cadet Advisory Council Committees

Recruiting and Retention Committee: Chaired by C/SMSgt Reed Vandergrift
Cadet Ball Committee: Chaired by C/CMSgt Sofia Kiraly
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