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Danielson Cadet Earns Second Highest Cadet Achievement

August 2, 2022

On July 28, 2022, the Danielson Cadet Squadron recognized C/Lt Col Tzietel Dietz for earning her Ira Eaker Award. The Eaker Award is the second highest cadet achievement in the Civil Air Patrol. Congratulations Lieutenant Colonel Dietz, and we look forward to seeing you earn your Spaatz award soon!


C/Lt Col Tzietel Dietz joined Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in November 2017, and steadily worked through the ranks, attending Encampment in 2019. In 2021, she attended the Spring NER-RCLS and, that summer, she staffed CTWG Encampment as the Medical Deputy Officer-in-Charge (DOIC). This summer she will be staffing the CTWG-NJWG Joint Encampment as the Medical OIC.  At CTWG’s 2nd Airman’s Introductory Academy (AIA), she had the pleasure to staff as the Cadet Deputy Commander, Medic/Safety officer, and a Training officer, and she looks forward to the next opportunity she can have to staff another AIA. C/Lt Col Dietz is the President of the Mess for the 2022 CTWG Cadet Ball and serves on the Cadet Ball Committee, planning and preparing for the event in November with the other committee members. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, C/Lt Col Dietz thought of creative, interactive ways to keep her squadron involved during Phases 0 and 1 while online. She arranged for guest speakers to come regularly, sent out regular mental health check-ins to all cadets, and helped mentor her staff to better support their flights and themselves. When CTWG was pushed back to Phase 0 in early 2022, she created a 4-week long professional writing-interactive class that is in the works to be taught throughout the wing to other squadrons. While her squadron was recovering from the pandemic and attendance was down, she planned, organized, and ran open houses, successfully recruiting most of the current cadets at her squadron from the last event in September 2021.

    In her own squadron C/Lt Col Dietz has held numerous staff positions, working her way from Element Leader to Cadet Commander (C/FS, C/CCF, C/CF, C/XO, C/DC), where she is currently Cadet Commander (C/CC) of Danielson Cadet Squadron, CT-074. She has taken on additional duties as the temporary Cadet Leadership Officer, which is where she would like to be assigned when her term ends as C/CC. Mentoring, supporting, and helping cadets achieve their goals is something that has kept C/Lt Col Dietz in the program since she began in 2017, and she hopes to continue this as she works her way to Spaatz and C/Colonel, and eventually becoming a Senior Member at 21. 
Outside of CAP, C/Lt Col Dietz hopes to become a highschool teacher, having discovered her passion for teaching as a Leadership Instructor at her squadron. She graduated with High Honors in June 2022 from Griswold High School and will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University - double majoring in Secondary Education and English in the Honors Program - in the Fall. 

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