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CTWG Staff Directory


Connecticut Wing Staff Directory

If interested in any vacant positions, contact CTWG HQ.



Grade/Name Email Address
Administration Col Matthew Valleau (CTWG/CC)
Administration Lt Col James Whitesell (CTWG/CV)
Administration Maj Carol Whelan (CTWG/CS)
Administration SMsgt John Minasian(Command NCO)
Administrative Officer Maj Carol Whelan (CTWG/DA)
Aerospace Education (Director) Lt Col Stephen M. Rocketto (CTWG/AE)
Aerospace Education (External) Lt Col Carl Stidsen (CTWG/AEE)  
Aerospace Education (Internal) Capt William Cass  
Cadet Advisory Council  C/Capt Pranav Shankar (Chairman)  
Cadet Advisory Council C/Maj Noah Bosse (Vice Chairman)  
Cadet Programs (Director) Lt Col Ashley LaPlante (CTWG/CP)
Chaplain Chaplain (Maj.) James Law (CTWG/HC)
Chaplain Lt Col Dennis Mercieri   
Character Development Capt. John Minasian
Communications (Director) Maj Robert Cartier (CTWG/DC)
Communications Capt. Michael Kopycienski (CTWG/DCO)
Communications 2nd Lt Robert Mitchell (CTWG/DCS)
Communications (Radio Net Control) Capt  Michael Kopycienski
Communications (Training Officer) Maj James Steer
Counterdrug Officer Lt Col Charles Kruzshak (CTWG/DOC)
Counterdrug Officer Assistant  Maj Jay S Farley (CTWG/DOCA)
Disaster Relief Officer Capt Joseph Kurcaba  
Emergency Services (Director) Lt Col Meghan Brownell (CTWG/DOS)  
Emergency Services Training Officer Maj James Steer  
Emergency Services Officer MSgt Rob Baron  
Finance Officer Col Cassandra Huchko (CTWG/FM)  
Assistant Finance Officer  Capt Willi Lintelmann (CTWG/FMA)
Government Liaison Officer Lt Col James Whitesell
Ground Operations Officer Vacant  
Health Services Officer Lt Col Robert Doddenhoff  
Historian  Lt Col Carlton A Stidsen (CTWG/HO)  
Information Management Officer Maj Robert Cartier
Information Management Assistant (Websites)    
Information Management Assistant  Vacant  
Legal Officer Lt Col Cary R Wiener (CTWG/JA)
Logistics (Director) 1st Lt John T Riccio  
Aircraft Maintenance Officer  Maj Paul Mangini (CWTG/LGM)  
Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer  Capt Wayne Tremallo  
Operations (Director) Capt Brian E Proulx (CTWG/DO)  
Operations (Assistant Director) Col Lloyd Sturges (CTWG/DOA)  
Operations (Administrative Assistant) Capt Richard Kornutik (CTWG/DOA)  
Personnel Officer Maj Carol Whelan
Public Affairs Officer Maj Olga Simoncelli (CTWG/PA)
Public Affairs Officer Assistant 2d Lt Andrew Luckey  
Plans and Programs Development Officer Lt Col Jeff Travers (CTWG/XP)
Real Property Manager 1st Lt Jay Lavoie  
Recruiting/Retention Officer Capt Gary Lawton
Safety Officer Lt Col Stephen Valastro
Search & Rescue Incident Commander Vacant  
Supply Officer 1st Lt Stephen Ellis (CTWG/LGT)  
Assistant Supply Officer Lt Col Nicholas Brignola (CTWG/LGTA)
Standards/Evaluation Officer Capt Ray Laramie (CTWG/DOV)  
Standards/Evaluation Assistant Capt Kenneth Zill  
Director of Training and Education Maj Laura Moore
Assistant Director of Training and Education Lt Col Jeff Travers  
Testing Officer Maj Laura Moore (CTWG/PDT)
Assistant Testing Officer Vacant  
Training Officer Lt Col Jack Shapiro (CTWG/DOT)
Assistant Training Officer SM James Skiff
Assistant Training Officer Lt Col Richard Doucette
Assistant Training Officer Vacant  
Transportation Officer 1st Lt John Riccio  


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